V-Twin Custom Electra Glide Motorcycle

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Company: Aoshima - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Dragon Models USA - Website: Visit Site
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The parts are molded in gray, black, and chrome. According to the instructions, the first step in assembly is the motor. The locating pins are small, making it hard to line up the parts. I used a slow-drying plastic glue rather than cyanoacrylate to make sure it was aligned properly.

Then I dip-painted the fenders, gas tank, carry boxes, and parts F-9 and F-10, using a special process with water and paint. I sprayed black and chrome into a five-gallon bucket filled with water, then hand-dipped each completed and prepared part in. As I withdrew the parts, the paint, floating on top of the water, coated each part in a swirling, soft-edged pattern.

The bike’s rear wheel and its housing went together well, as did the brake calipers, parts B-12 & B-15. When working on the frame, I made sure parts D-18 & D-6 and the rear wheel were all assembled at the same time. Also, when installing the battery, the oil casing and the starter, A-20 & A-22, have to go in first. Extra care has to be taken when cutting out parts O-6 & -7, and E-1, -2, -8, -17, -32, -33, -40, and -45.

On installing the front wheel axle E-25, I heated the end to soften it, then installed the cap E-27, which worked better than glue. The handlebars were broken when I cut them out, but I repaired them with a fast super glue and a steady hand. The brake lines were easy to install and looked good afterward. I painted the bike seat to represent a black rubber coating. I used a fast-drying glue to install the front and rear lights, E-20 & E-12, and also E-26. Parts F-43 & E-5 also went on with super glue gel. The spark plugs went in with a tight fit, and I used super glue gel on plugs parts B-16, B-51, & E-47 before attaching the wires.

The kit comes with a second bike, called a “pocket bike,” which isn’t shown on the box. It's a novelty bike with decals.

I really enjoyed building this kit. I’d like to thank Dragon Models USA for supplying the kit and IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it.


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