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August 21, 2017
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The triple ejector rack (TER) has been used for many years and is a weapons suspension unit that attached to an aircraft pylon and allows for three weapons to be carried on that pylon. The United States has used TERS since the Vietnam War and they still a common sight on US aircraft along with many NATO air forces. The bombs are attached to the TER by mounting lugs and are stabilized by adjustable sway braces on the TER.

Eduard has produced a resin set which includes part to make 5 TER’s in 1/32nd scale. The set is made of 50 parts of wonderfully cast resin and a small photoetch fret. Full color instructions and full markings are also included.

Construction is straightforward. Remove the main body and bottom rack from there casting blocks and clean as needed. The bottom rack is attached (making sure to keep it at the correct angle). Clean up the attachment shackles and the sway braces. There is a large center pin on the sway braces which, if you leave it attached, could provide extra support for the bombs to be attached. I removed mine. The sway braces and shackles are attached making sure everything is lined up properly- the sway braces want to move around so take you time and get the alignment correct. Lastly, the photoetch at the back of the unit is added.

The unit does require that three wires be added between each rack and the main body. Sizes for cutting the wire are provided. The ensure better fit, I drilled the main body at the attachment points and this allowed more stability for the wires which were attached.

For paint and decals, I primed with Alclad gray primer and let dry. Eduard’s painting instruction call for all white and this is certainly accurate. Looking through the Internet, there are variations in paint schemes depending on what era the unit was used in and what plant it was attached to so references are critical also. I elected to paint mine all white but to have the sway braces natural metal and the wires black. The decals proved difficult. Some were very small and once they folded over, they were unfixable. By the end of the decaling session, I learned to go slow, make sure the surface had liquid on it and to not fuss much and they worked well. There are 10 decals per TER. Once dry, I added a wash of black and wiped the excess away. A flat coat and finished.

Highly recommended. These are so far superior to kit units and have an application to many different kits. Their detail and markings are top notch and for a large scale like 1/32, I would say these are almost a requirement.

My thanks to Eduard for the opportunity to review these excellent items.


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