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Karl Dodenhoff
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Softcover, 60 pages, photos and line drawings, kit listing and reviews
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SIM #8
Company: Space in Miniature - Website: Visit Site
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You may be familiar with other publications from Mike Mackowski and Space In Miniature, especially if you are a fan of “real space” related models. “Space Suits” is the most recent addition to the SIM’s outstanding list of publications and should be snapped up as quickly as possible.

The newest book in the SIM series is SIM #8 – Space Suits. Researched and written by Karl Dodenhoff, SIM #8 describes all of the space suits developed and used by NASA from Mercury to the International Space Station. This 60-page book has over one hundred line drawings and photographs that provide the model builder a comprehensive technical reference on this subject. Covering everything from early manned space gear, through the Apollo lunar surface exploration suits, and to the free-flying backpacks used by Gemini and Space Shuttle astronauts, this guidebook is a unique resource for the serious space modeler.

In addition to a pictorial review of space suit development, a thorough listing of scale figure kits is provided, along with five pages of kit reviews. Additionally, there is a feature article on building an accurate version of the old Aurora “American Astronaut” kit. The article is in the form of a downloadable pdf file and is as thorough and well laid out as the Space Suits publication which it augments.

Thanks to Mike and SIM for the sample and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this very fine publication.


I originally set out to cover ALL flown space suits up to the time the book was written, but I quickly realized there was not enough room in this type of publication to do so.  Therefore, I reluctantly decided to cover only the U.S. space suits. Even so, Mike Mackowski, my good friend and publisher, asked me to edit it down to the proper size. I wanted to call it "U.S. Space Suits", but that title was already taken.  

Most of the diagrams in the book were created by me.  I really tried to include a comprehensive set of diagrams and photos of the actual hardware that is the subject of the book, right down to ALL of the stenciling and other markings printed on the suits.  

It was a great pleasure for me to write this, to share my knowledge of the subject, which has always been my favorita subject for historical research and model building.  There are seven chapters, as follows:

  1. Mercury
  2. Gemini, including the Astronaut Manuevering Unit
  3. Apollo
  4. Skyab
  5. The Space Shuttle Era, including the Escape Ejection Suit, a large section about the Extravehicular Mobility Unit, the MMU and the Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue (SAFER) unit.  
  6. Space Suit Model Kits which were available at the time of publication
  7. Lastly, a page and a half ofreference listings

IMO it's a very good reference for any space model builder.

Thanks for the opportunity to give your readers, my fellow space modeling geeks, a chance to share my thoughts about My Little Space Suit modeling guide!




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