SAAB Viggen Landing Gear (Tarangus/Special Hobby)

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Tarangus or Special Hobby SAAB Viggen
Provided by: Scale Aircraft Conversions - Website: Visit Site

This set is designed to provide replacement parts for the landing gear on the Tarangus/Special Hobby SAAB Viggen kits. The set includes replacement parts for the nose gear and both main gear assemblies and as with most of SAC’s landing gear sets, the metal parts are intended to be one-for-one replacements for the kit parts.

The nose strut assembly includes the gear strut, the scissor link and the retraction/extension actuator. The parts in my set were very well cast and after just a little clean-up of the casting seam where the casting plugs attach, the parts will be ready to go.

The main gear sets each include the gear strut, both parts of the retraction/extension strut and the smaller strut/actuator that attaches to the rear base of the main gear struts. Unfortunately, as shown in the photographs, the scissor links for both main gear struts in my set appear to be bent or twisted sideways so I will need to take a little time to straighten them out before painting and attaching them. The replacements for parts A13 and A14 will also need a little work to spread the open ends apart a little in order to fit around parts A15 & A16 (or their metal replacements). The main struts themselves will also require some clean up and slight reshaping as it appears that the casting molds were not exactly lined up on my set as there is a prominent mold seam on the smaller sections of the main struts, however, the struts do correctly portray the offset leg which attaches to the main gear door.

This looks like a nice set from Scale Aircraft Conversions and once cleaned up will make a nice addition to your Viggen. Thank you to Scale Aircraft Conversions for the review set and to IPMS-USA for letting me review it.


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