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April 8, 2015
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Testors 1:48 OV-10
Company: Caracal Models - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Caracal Models - Website: Visit Site

A somewhat neglected kit of a very interesting aircraft, Testors 1/48 OV-10 gets an excellent decal set from Caracal Models. For those unfamiliar with the plane, the OV-10 was designed for counter-insurgency (COIN) operations and served the US military with distinction from the Vietnam War to the first Gulf War. It is a tough plane for operating in difficult situations. This set of decals covers the Air Force, Navy, Marines and also the Venezuelan Air Force with marking for 11 planes. They are:

  • OV-10A Bronco 67-14658, 19th TASS, USAF (Vietnam)
  • OV-10A Bronco 67-14649, 22nd TASS, Wheeler AFB, USAF
  • OV-10A Bronco 68-3792, 19th TASS, Osan AFB, USAF
  • OV-10A Bronco 67-14698, 20th TASS "Misty", Shaw AFB, USAF
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155405, VMO-6, US Marine Corps (Vietnam)
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155427, VMO-6, US Marine Corps
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155444, VMO-1, US Marine Corps
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155425, VMO-2, US Marine Corps
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155499, NATC, US Navy
  • OV-10A Bronco BuNo. 155471, VAL-4 "Black Ponies", US Navy (Vietnam)
  • OV-10A Bronco "0068", Venezuela Air Force

The three Air Force markings are in gray and one Air Force marking in camouflage. The four USMC planes are green over gray. One of the USN markings is in gull gray while the other brightly colored options is green over gray with international orange panels. Lastly, there is a camouflaged option for the Venezuelan Air Force. The instructions come in a booklet with color call outs referring to all the needed colors done by FS code. There is a color profile for each of the eleven markings with both port and starboard sides. Top and bottom profiles are also included for each color scheme.

Lastly, there is one standard sized decals sheet with excellent registration. They are printed by Cartograf. Having used Caracal decals in the past, I expect perfect performance again with no silvering.

This is an excellent decal set. Well printed with tons of options and enough decals for several schemes. highly recommended.

Many thanks to Caracal Models for the opportunity to review this set.


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