North American B-25 Mitchell Decals, Part 1

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March 28, 2020
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Airfix B-25C/D and Hasegawa Solid Nose
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Lifelike Decals from Japan is one of those hidden gems people need to hear more about. With a large selection in the most popular scales, they have decals for WWII era planes from Japan, Europe and the US. This set covers Part 1 for the B-25C/D/J in 1/72 scale and is meant for the Airfix B-25C/D or the Hasegawa B-25J Solid Nose Version.

Inside the package, there’s a lot! First, there are three parts to the decal sheet. The first part is a selection of national insignia; second are a set of nose markings, build no’s and mission markings for four of the planes printed by Microscale and lastly, is a set of markings for the last plane and propeller decals printed by Cartograf. All are printed perfectly with great register and color. Also included are color profiles of each aircraft with the location of the markings. A separate sheet gives details of how to make each of the five planes Each plane is covered in detail with what is needed to change with the recommended kit. Lastly, there is a sheet explaining the how the roundels work as far as sizes, blue outlines, etc. for these planes.

The sheet covers five aircraft:

  • B-25C-NA, BuNo. 41-12905 “Tokyo Sleeper”, 405thBS/38th BG, Nadzab New Guinea, March 1944
  • B-25J-5-NC, BuNo. 4327957 “Bugs Bunny”, 823rd BG/38th BS, Lingayen Philippines, July 1945
  • B-25J-10-NC, BuNo. 43-28145 “Estalita”, 71st BS/38th BG Lingayen Philippines, June 1945
  • B-25J-25-NC, BuNo. 44-30284 Morotai Island, August 1945
  • B-25D-15-NC, BuNo. 41-30597 “Hardships 2nd”, hack of 38th BG, Clark Field, Philippines, June 1, 1945

As an example of the directions, for “Tokyo Sleeper”, the decal instructions recommend gun packs (QB72573) from Quickboost and several examples of gun barrels. The instructions refer to the extensive reference list on the cover sheet so the builder can refer to the same photos used. Included are discussions around colors. Lastly is along explanation of the changes needed for the glass nose canopy. Airfix parts are referenced. The same detail is given to each of the five planes in this set.

In summary, beautifully printed decals of five interesting subjects with superb references and tips for model builders. Plus, decals made by Microscale and Cartograf. Highly recommended to fans of the B-25 and any modeler wanting a great looking kit with colorful markings in their collection.

My thanks to Lifelike Decals for the opportunity to review this great set.


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