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May 22, 2014
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One in a series of kits featuring “office furniture and school furniture”, this kit is the most difficult of the five “furniture” items recently reviewed. Even at that, the difficulty factor is very low. The “difficulty” focuses on the small parts found on the officer chair. Note in the attached images that each coaster on the chair is a single piece, and they are fairly small. Beyond the difficulty resulting from the small size of the coasters this kit, like the others in this series is “fit, snap, done!”

Hasegawa advertises that this kit does not require glue, and I found that to be true. I took the time remove the nubs after removing the parts from the sprues, but that was more out of habit than necessity. Those who are more advanced modelers will probably feel better if they remove the attachment nibs with a sanding stick, but it is not critical to the “fit” of the parts.

One gets parts sufficient for one desk and one chair.

As with the other kits in this series, one finds a smile crossing their face as the chair and desk take form. I’ve sat in chairs that looked like that and used desks that looked like that for close to 37 years in my various classrooms at school.

Thanks to Hobbico and Hasegawa for providing this review sample to IPMS/USA. More “office furniture” reviews will be forthcoming shortly.


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