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January 12, 2024
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The M1A1 2.36-inch AT Rocket Launcher (aka ‘Bazooka’) is a smooth-bore, breech-loading, electrically operated shoulder weapon of the ‘open’ steel tube type. It is fired from the shoulder in either standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone position. The Rocket Launcher is used to launch high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rockets against tanks, armored vehicles, pillboxes, and other emplacements. The ammunition consists of rockets capable of penetrating heavy armor at angles of impact up to 30 degrees. The weapon itself can be aimed up to distances of 300 yards. The Rocket Launcher has a maximum range of 700 yards. The M1A1 improved upon the M1 with less weight, more simplified and reliable design, improved electrical system and removal of a forward hand grip.

Special Hobby scored a home run with this mixed media kit including 3D printed resin, a PE fret, and polyurethane parts. The kit comes with 3D printed M1A1 bazooka, two ammunition rounds (one each M6A1 and M6A3), PE for the sling and buckles, and a very creative method of shaping the rare mesh wire face guard (PE) sandwiched between the two polyurethane pieces to create the conical face guard (to be honest, I never knew the mesh wire face guard existed until this kit; I imagine they were knocked off, destroyed, removed, etc during normal operations).

The kit arrives well protected in a unique plastic clamshell design with packing foam to protect the 3D printed parts; there is even a plastic cover to separate the PE fret. The instruction sheet highlights the 3D printed parts, which require minimal cutting and cleanup.

The ammunition rounds are tiny, and care must be taken in removal and assembly. The M6A3 rocket has long, delicate fins that beg to be broken during handling. Part No. 2 is the rear fin assembly that protrudes from the rear of the rear-loaded tube. Several of the fins of the round (Part No. 4) broke when I was removing them from the base. After taking the initial photos, I attempted to graft the rear fins (No.2) to the body (No. 4), but alas, the carpet monster claimed another victim when it prematurely launched (thus the lack of fins of the M6A3 rocket in the final photos). There are no such problems with the M6A1 (Part No. 3).

I had a lot of fun building this gem from Special Hobby. This kit is a great build out of the box with plenty of detail, despite the simplicity of both the actual M1A1 and the model. The M1A1 served a lot of militaries for a long time, so its use on models, vignettes and dioramas is only limited by one’s imagination.

Profuse thanks to Special Hobby and IPMS-USA for providing the review sample.


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