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September 20, 2015
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Base Kit
AMS Resin
Company: AOA Decals - Website: Visit Site
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One thing that has been overlooked by some manufacturers is markings for the weapons they include in their kits. They are sometimes afterthoughts or incomplete and a few are actually not bad, but seeing a beautifully built plane with average weapons kills the mood. AOA Decals has started a trend to fix that with their release 32009 for Mk. 20 Rockeye cluster combs.

Inside the package is a two-sided color sheet detailing the markings with notes for the Mk. 20 and a small decal sheet containing enough markings for four bombs total. One really thoughtful note is that the yellow-stenciled markings are presented with variations compared to each other so that each set is slightly unique, which will give you a nice variation and a more realistic weapon. There are also alternate double stripes denoting a thermally coated casing. The inspection windows are also provided as decals.

The set is designed ideally for AMS Resin Rockeyes. I had a set of CAM Rockeyes and wanted to give them a try so I painted one up. They fit perfectly and really enhanced the look. They are better than the ones on the Tamiya 1/32 F-15E and all others I know of currently.

Highly recommended. My thanks to AOA Decals for the review sample.


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