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February 3, 2020
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Base Kit
available in the three major scales of 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32.
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I must admit, I am normally against ordering aftermarket products unless I am building a specific piece for a commission build or wanting to recreate a specific aircraft belonging to a specific pilot. I am usually content to stick with what’s in the box and adapt as needed. However, when I saw this set was available and was looking up the schemes, I jumped at the chance for something out of the ordinary. This particular set is available in the three major scales of 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32.

Included in the zip-locked bag are schemes for four Italy-based 15th AF aces as follows:

  • Lt. Walter J. Goehausen Jr., 308th FS/31st FG, 15th AF, 10 victories, DFC (“Miss Mimi II”)
  • Lt. James Brooks, 307th FS/31st FG, 15th AF, 13 victories (“February”)
  • Maj. Samuel Brown the CO of 307th FS/31st FG, 15th AF, 15.5 victories, DFC
  • Lt. John Bary Lawler, 2nd FS/52nd FG, 15th AF, 11 victories (“Cathy II”)

Each scheme differs just a tad in their wing bands- varying on yellow and some outlined in red or black. These wing bands are not included as decals and must be masked off and painted. You do get the tail and horizontal red striping. I chose to do Lt. Brooks “February”.

I found the decals very resistant to releasing from the carrier film. Using warm water and loads of patience, I was able to finally loosen them up enough to slide them towards their position. The decal film is very thin and the first one I tried was the tail code- it immediately rolled up. I tried placing it in the warm water I had going but it resisted uncurling and I had to ditch them. Luckily most of the codes are covered by the red stripes so I was able to substitute others. Care is needed- but when you get them in place, they snug down quite nicely around the curves and the colors seem to be in register. Stencils and insignia are not a part of the set and one must use the kit supplied ones.

Overall, I found the decals to be quite nice when I took time and care to wait for the decals to loosen up and slide in place. While the yellow wing bands are not provided, if you choose Lt. Lawler’s “Cathy II” scheme, the outlining black bands for the bands are provided in the kit. For what you get for each scheme- tail and horizontal stripes, nose art, kill marks, and pilot plates, I find them to be of high quality and the schemes to be interesting and eye-catching. My thanks go to RB Productions and IPMS-USA for the review sample.


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