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Lakenheath is host to the largest deployment of United States Air Force personnel in the United Kingdom and one of the most important planes in their inventory is the F-15 Eagle. The Eagle is becoming a venerable plane having first debuted in 1976 but is still very capable and Caracal has honored this by producing a sheet for four F-15C’s all with kills and one F-15D all from Lakenheath.

The set comes an excellent color cover showing all four options. Left and right profile shots of all four options are also included with stencil and markings placement. Color call outs are also included. There is also a note included that all aircraft depicted have had the MSIP II conversion so that is why the Great Wall Hobby kit is the recommended kit over the Hasegawa/Tamiya/Monogram offerings. Also, this group of planes is well documented and pictures can be found all over the Internet.

Lastly, there is a single decals sheet covering the four marking in perfect register with crisp printing and done by Cartograf. Stenciling is included for one plane. One thing that hits you right off the bat is how these are working planes in respect to they are not flashy or colorful or set up for war games. They are there to support NATO and our allies and like most of the F-15 series, they are gray over gray. But that’s what I like about them- they work and protect and serve and are great representations of a magnificent plane.

The markings are included for the four following planes:

  • F-15C 84-0027 (one Mirage F-1 and one MiG-29 kill) 493FS flagship - 2014
  • F-15C 84-0019 (two Su-25 kills) 493FS - 2013
  • F-15C 86-0156 (two MiG-29 kills) 493FS - 2013
  • F-15D 84-0044 493FS - 2013

These are great decals for an iconic plane and show Caracals excellence again. Highly recommended to all Eagle fans everywhere. My thanks to Caracal and IPMS/USA for the chance to review these great markings.


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