Decals for DO-215B-2, DH-85, Fokker D.XXIII, DB-7B, PBY-5, B-10, Ryan STM, B340

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October 13, 2010
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This is a Dutch product, dealing with some Dutch aircraft using the orange triangle marking during the early part of World War II. Two, the Dornier DO-215B-2 and the Brewster B340 Bermuda, were apparently ordered but never delivered, so they become part of the “What If?” category, much like Luft 46. The others, including the DeHavilland DH-85, Ryan STM, Martin B-10, Consolidated PBY-5, and Douglas DB-7, were actually delivered and used, at least at the beginning of World War II. Some of the Ryans, by the way, were evacuated to Australia in 1942, and I had the opportunity to fly in one of the survivors, then privately owned, while I was in Sydney in 1962. Therefore, I’ve got to build that one when I get another MPM kit.

The decals are printed on one sheet, about 5 x 7 inches, and are in semi-gloss with vivid colors. Each aircraft is provided with orange triangle insignias with black or white serial numbers in the correct sizes. But best of all, a large full color information sheet is provided, giving exact color and marking details, and extensive and interesting documentation for each aircraft. Some service history is also presented, and the instruction sheet is almost worth the price of the decals. All of these aircraft are available in kit form, although some are limited production kits and may be fairly hard to come by.

If you have any interest in Dutch aircraft of the Netherlands East Indies Air Force and Navy, this decal sheet is worth getting. Check the Dutch Profile website for details. Their address is Dutch decal, 2471 AP Zwammerdam, The Netherlands. Website:

Thanks to Dutch Profiles for the review sample.


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