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September 19, 2013
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Company: Aero Line - Website: Visit Site
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Plusmodel’s Aero Line continues its tradition of providing the modeler with simple and interesting pilot figures. The latest is a pilot for the MiG-15. This is a two-piece figure. The biggest part is the pilot himself. The other piece is the parachute pack. Both are perfectly cast in light grey resin. There is very little clean-up required. The thin wafer of material around the figure is easily removed by hand and cleaned up with a sharp blade. The face is perfectly formed. The proportion of the figure are perfect. The stance of the pilot is relaxed and completely natural. The equipment is perfectly sculpted, as well. I could not find anything I didn’t like. The small parachute pack is easily attached to the pilot’s backside.

The figure is safely packaged in a plastic container with the parts safeguarded by a piece of foam. Included on the packaging is a painting of the figure. Inside the packaging is the same painting but much larger.

I think these figures are perfect. There are no downsides. If you want to try your hand at figure painting, these Aero Line figures are perfect for you – inexpensive, perfectly sculpted, easy clean up, and posed naturally. If you are an experienced figure painter, these figures are just what you’d like in a figure. So, if you want to add a pilot to your MiG-15, this is all you need.

Aero Line, how about some helicopter pilots? You know, maybe a really good looking AH-1F Cobra pilot? Just some food for thought.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Plusmodel and IPMS/USA for the review copy.


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