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January 31, 2020
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I hate to mask canopies and helicopters, especially transport ones, have plenty. I am a huge fan of pre-cut masks. Building the Kitty Hawk MH-60L was a lot of fun.

The Eduard masking set offers masks for the front windshield, overhead panels, pilot doors, window sliding doors, chin bubbles, cargo doors, and wheels. You also get masks for the landing lights. This is really a complete set which will help in making this kit.

The masking set comes in a typical resealable package with card stock inside, which protects the masks. The masks themselves are precisely cut from Kabuki tape. This is the best material for the compound curves. There are two sheets, the one is for the sliding cargo doors, and the other has masks for all the other pieces. You will have to add masking fluid to cover some areas but that is to be expected with the large expanses and compound curves.

The instructions are very helpful and show exactly how to use what and where.

When using the masks I noticed that some masks didn’t fit as well as previous masks. The ones for the chin bubbles were a little small and did require that I add some Tamiya tape. Nothing drastic but it came as a surprise. One of the sliding windows on the side had to be cut and extended slightly. Again, nothing drastic but another surprise. Now this may seem like a bad thing, but it was not all that dramatic. All of the ‘angles’ were perfect and the parts that needed stuff added to them were on straight portions.

The masks were extremely helpful and saved me a lot of time. The two masks that needed some additional tape were not drastic and on straight portions of the masks so they were still very useful. Overall the masks are very useful. I already bought another set to use on my future models.

Highly recommended


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