Riveting Tools - 1/48th, 1/32nd and 1/24th Scales

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MN006, 021 and 049
Company: UMM-USA - Website: Visit Site
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As an airplane builder, one of the necessary but boring parts for me is sanding smooth and then restoring panel lines and rivets. UMM-USA has the solution for the rivets with multiple sets. We will look at MN-006 (1/48th scale rivets), MN-021 (1/32nd scale rivets) and MN-049 (for 1/32nd and 1/24th scale rivets). Each riveter comes with a comfortable plastic handle with a wheel containing cuts with the raised pegs representing the rivets.

Use is simple and I used a scrap piece of styrene. I used a ruler as a line on a smooth surface and you roll the wheel along with pressure on the tip. The rotating wheel engraves the plastic with rivets. The the different sizes all have the same diameter wheel so the difference is the cuts and number of spikes. The 1/24 scale has about 20 rivets per revolution while the 1/32 has about 25 rivets per revolution. I wish I could count the 1/48 but there are a lot more and although not reviewed here, 1/72 has even more yet. Once I finished, I added a couple washes to make the rivets stand out and the close up pictures really show the difference.

For replacing rivets, there is nothing better. Highly recommended

My thanks to UMM-USA for the tools and to IPMS/USA to allow to show them to modelers everywhere.


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