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This set is designed to fit Eduard’s recently released Fleet Air Arm Hellcat Mk. I, but as the Hellcat Mk. I is a F6F-3, the mask will also fit Eduard’s F6F-3 kit.

Since Eduard’s Hellcat includes different parts for the central canopy section to allow you to pose it either open or closed, and these parts are actually a little different, the mask set includes separate masks for each option. I chose the open option as I wanted to show off the nice interior provided in the kit.

As with Eduard’s other mask sets, these are easy to apply, but I apparently inadvertently stretched the mask for the left front quarter panel of the windscreen as it was a little too wide and covered part of the rear framing. This was easily fixed with a sharp Xacto blade. One gripe I have with Eduard’s masks is that often the masks have a designed in hole at the top of the canopy that the instructions say to file with liquid masking. There is normally plenty of unused tape around the pre-cut masks, so I use small sections of this extra tape to cover the holes. I then salt away the rest of the unused part of the mask as this extra tape comes in handy quite often.

Eduard’s mask sets are truly amazing and there are times I wonder what we did without them, especially when I am building a kit where Eduard does not provide masks.

Highly recommended.

Thank you Eduard for the sample and IPMS-USA for letting me review it.


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