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January 19, 2014
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Any 1/32 scale rigged WWI Aircraft
Company: GasPatch Models - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: GasPatch Models - Website: Visit Site

GasPatch’s growing line of aftermarket detail parts includes cast metal detail parts that will add considerable detail to rigged aircraft. This line includes a wide array of turnbuckles and anchor points (available in both 1/48 and 1/32 scale) for Allied and Axis WWI aircraft. As a previous review of the Gas Patch product line accurately states: “these items represent a significant and notable advance in the quality of aftermarket parts for WWI aircraft”.

The subject of this review is Gas Patch’s set of 1/32 scale metal anchor points (a 1/48 scale version is also available…and identical…only smaller). As the photo above shows, the components come well packaged in a carded blister pack with a foam insert to protect the parts. Assembly instructions (shown in one of the photos below) are printed on the inside of the folded card. A photo below from the Gas Patch website shows a close up of an individual anchor point. The last photo below shows the small metal casting block that includes 60 of these little gems, one of the anchor points removed from the casting block and a nickel to show how small these parts really are. Take note, this photo shows the 1/32 scale set. Imagine how small the 1/48 scale anchor points must be…installing them just might leave a modeler cross-eyed.

Installation is pretty simple...drill enough holes at the appropriate angle where rigging must be anchored and insert as many anchor points as needed. These parts eliminate the need to hand make individual anchor points from twisted wire, but their very small size undoubtedly demands special care be exercised when removing them from the casting block and handling them. Most modelers will find it necessary to use pointed tweezers. And, because they are metal, attaching them will require super glue or epoxy cement. Rigging wire may then be looped through the anchor point hole or a turnbuckle may be attached first. Again, super glue or epoxy cement will be required to permanently bond everything together.

This item is highly recommended to anyone who wants to add a higher level of detail to a WWI aircraft model. These anchor points are simply amazing. My thanks to GasPatch Models for providing the review sample and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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