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April 10, 2019
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Base Kit
Trumpeter TU-160
Company: Brengun - Website: Visit Site

First things first: a hearty “Thank you” to Brengun for providing IPMS USA this little gem for review. We cannot function as well without our manufacturers support, and we sincerely appreciate Brengun’s provision of items to review. Thanks also to John and Phil for finding and distributing these items.

This set provides minor detail work for the Trumpeter TU-160. Big kit. Big. Particularly if the wings are in the parked and ready to take off position with flaps and slats out. Makes a B-1 look like an F-15 when parked next to a “Bone”. The engines are massive, the jet carries a lot, and the White Swan is impressive from any angle.

The pictures show the set in action; lots of little brake lines and valves and such added to the gear, which adds a lot of visual interest. Engine intakes are detailed, using large long circumferential strips around the engines to add depth to the compressors, and a spider like thing assembly added to the top of that to add even more depth. The auxiliary air doors for the engine intakes are also included, which fit perfectly into the already-opened (running position) intakes as Trumpeter has modeled them. Fine for taxi/in high powered flight/takeoff position, but on the ground at rest they are all closed. There are some antennas and pitot tubes as well, but I did not install them as that happens at the end of the build and I am running out of “Full build” time.

Take time to carefully anneal the brass strips and brake lines with a pinpoint flame torch; it will make them easier to use. Try not to anneal the aux intake doors and the fan front braces, as these need more stiffness when installing. I had some difficulty here... and still softened the intake brackets, making them harder to install.

Also included are brake details, and cooling hub discs. I tried to install the discs without success, as the paints (Tamiya rattle can metallic silver) filled the almost imperceptible holes. The brake discs worked fine.

I recommend this set, as it’s about the only aftermarket out there besides decals to use on the bird. I did use some True details ejection seats for the front office seat positions, the K-36 being appropriate for the jet. Rest of the stuff was just fine. Check the pix to see what you get!

Thanks again to Brengun for catering to the obscure or esoteric items we seek, and John and Phil once again for keeping the corps fed and watered for business!


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