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October 22, 2016
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David Doyle
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Format: Softback 8 ½ x 11; Pages 128 / 59 b/w photos / 97 color photos of the M10, 5 b/w photos /45 color photos of the Achilles
Provided by: David Doyle Books - Website: Visit Site

The book, "M10/Achilles, A Visual History of the U.S. Army’s WWII Tank Destroyer" by David Doyle, starts with a short introduction that details the start of US Army WW II Tank Destroyer strategy and then a brief history from the early war period thru the end of the war.

The book is divided into 2 sections, the M10 and the Achilles.

Each section has both black and white photos from the war years, and color photos from the surviving museum examples. Most of the photos are well done and in good focus. Some of the wartime photos are little grainy, but give a good idea of the M10/Achilles in action.

The color photos are a mix of wide shots and detail close-ups. These close-ups are very well done and will help the modeler get the details done accurately.

The captions on the photos explain what you are seeing and give additional details about the subject.

Conclusion: The book is a quick read, and is well researched and documented. From the modelers perspective this will give ideas for dioramas and how to detail the vehicle with stowage and weathering. I can highly recommend this to all modelers for American and British Tank Destroyers.

Thanks to David Doyle Books for the review copy, and to IPMS/USA for the review space.


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