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I received the Liquid Pigments Earth set from Green Stuff World (GSW). They are pigments formulated in a liquid form. The six colors represent various types of earth colors and are Desert Earth, Ochre Earth, Light Earth, Medium Earth, Dark Earth, and Burnt Earth and you receive 6 bottles of Liquid Pigments - 17 ml. in each bottle.

Upon opening the paint, I found they are very thin and watery but also very opaque. Each bottle has a shaker inside to help you with shaking and evenly distribute the pigments in the liquid.

When using the paint, I found they cover very well, and they don’t appear very thick but when they dry there is a layer of pigment where the paint was that is already fixed in place. There is also the benefit of not needing a pigment fixer to bind them. I painted the area I wanted to weather with a very light coat to see and gage the effects. I was able to obtain various types of dust and dirt effects. I also found them useful if thinned with water and used like a wash to add subtle dirt or dusty effects. They will be great for creating light dusty and earthy effects in recesses and corners, rust marks, and other types of weathering by applying filters of different strengths on different areas of the model.

These paints can also be airbrushed which I have yet to try but I am going to airbrush them and try simulating road dust on the bottom of tanks and other vehicles with layered dirt effects using different shades.

These are acrylic paints that are Non-toxic water-based paints are Non-flammable, contain no latex, and cleanup is a snap. There is no smell from chemical fixers needed to use them.

This is an excellent product and I found it very useful and plan on ordering a couple of the other sets offered by Green Stuff World such as their Rust set and the Dust set.


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