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September 13, 2020
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Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site

Anyone who has used AMMO products knows that the company is prolific in the endless useful and specific sets of paints, washes, and pigments they release. Their range of acrylics for figures are designed to make painting a breeze thanks to the ease of application, with the 17mL dropper bottles. All colors in the range can be mixed with each other and with the full range of AMMO by Mig Jimenez acrylic colors. Each adapts perfectly to the traditional techniques of painting in layers or wet pallet blending as well as new mixed techniques. Each color is suitable for both brush and airbrush application. These acrylics are water-soluble and formulated to be safe and non-toxic. If airbrushing, I would suggest thinning first as the paints are thick out of the bottle which make them great for brush painting.

This set includes 4 bottles for painting the infantry uniforms used today by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). The colors have been selected through rigorous research of period uniforms, allowing you to accurately paint the base tones of uniforms, add highlights, and enhance details. They include the following:

  • AMMO.F-503 - Dark Olive Green
  • AMMO.F-504 - Yellow Green
  • AMMO.F-506 - Medium Russian Green
  • AMMO.F-509 - Uniform Green Base

There is a photo guide on the back to aid in selecting the colors—I used a Black Dog set of Israeli Women Soldiers for sampling the paints as I wanted something a bit different for my next IDF build (still haven’t decided what that’ll be yet!). The figures have great detail and would be the perfect test-bed for these paints. I chose Dark Olive Green for her pants and Yellow Green for the uniform blouse. The paint went on smoothly and very opaque. I really had no issues at all with applying them. Only one coat was needed, and they cleaned up off the brush with just some soapy warm water.


AMMO really have done it again—providing the modeler with a great base set of colors to use in your IDF builds. While it is pretty obvious that I am not a highly skilled figure painter, I improve a little bit each time I try. These paints really let me focus not so much on having to fiddle with paints to get the right shades and consistency—they’ve already done that for me. Instead I can spend more time focusing on the highlights and shading that make a figure stand out. I didn’t do a whole lot of that here as I wanted to be sure of the setting this lady will be in first, but in mixing the shades where I did, there were no problems. My thanks to AMMO by Mig Jimenez and IPMS-USA for this sample set.


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