Instrument Dial Decals- WW2 Luftwaffe

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April 25, 2011
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General 1/48 WW2 Luftwaffe aircraft

Ever since the days of Waldron Instrument Bezels I’ve wanted to be able to build instrument panels like I saw the pros do. The biggest thing preventing me was the lack of instrument decals. Well those days are over. Airscale has now released a sheet of Luftwaffe instruments designed specifically for fighters. You get a small sheet of approximately 1”x 2” which contains enough instruments to do a couple of instrument panels.

Printed by Fantasy Printshop, every instrument is accurately reproduced with some exquisitely fine range markings and numbers. Airscale recommends cutting out the instruments. I think you can use your Waldron Punch and Die set as well if you are careful.

Also included in the set is a piece of clear acetate to help you replicate the instrument faces on your scratch built panel. You’ll need a punch set to punch out the acetate sheet as there is no ‘cutouts’ for the instruments.

My only issue with the sheet is that the instruments are not labeled so you’ll have to pick out which is which. This becomes harder to do for some of the instruments because they are quite petite and to scale. The printing is absolutely perfect and beautifully executed.

Airscale suggests that you cut out the printed decal and place it behind the kit or a scratch built instrument panel. You can also attach it directly to the kit instrument panel as a normal decal. Either way the results should add a nice detail to your model cockpit...

Highly recommended

Thanks to airscale and IPMS/USA for the review copy.


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