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August 26, 2018
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Company: Furball Aero-Design - Website: Visit Site
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Who doesn’t like the bad guys? I’ve always had an affinity for them. I wanted to know who they were and how they operated. Well these decals from Furball Aero-Design highlight the ‘psuedo’ bad guys, the OPFOR or Aggressors as the Navy calls them. The F-5N and F-5F adversaries are some colorful aircraft used to replicate potential bad guys.

There are eight aircraft included on this sheet. They have markings that are sure to motivate you to build one of these. These are quite colorful and offer a variety of paint schemes.

The decals are packaged in a large ziplock bag with full color instructions for every aircraft. Inside you are treated to high quality paper printed on both sides in beautiful color. Each aircraft has it own page. There are five 8.5 x 11inch sheets. The cover shows the colorful selection. Then the aircraft are shown. There are seven F-5Ns and one F-5F. The back page contains the stencil instructions.

The actual decals are printed by Cartograph so you know they are world class. They are thin and opaque. They are quite colorful. There are enough stencils to do three aircraft. All the aircraft are from the 2017 timeframe.

The aircraft covered are:

  • F-5N 761531 is a three tone grey paint scheme with low vis including a shark mouth and the sundowner emblem.
  • F-5N 761532 is a two tone grey and light blue scheme with low vis shark mouth and sundowner tail.
  • F-5N 761591 is a two tone brown and green paint scheme with low vis shark mouth and sundowner tail
  • F-5N 761565 is a three tone brown paint scheme with low vis markings
  • F-5N 761575 is a two tone grey and blue scheme with high vis markings. The rudder and shark mouth are full color, red and white. This is a very colorful aircraft.
  • F-5F 810834 is a two seat aircraft with two tone grey and blue scheme. The tail is a full color tail and shark mouth.
  • F-5N 761547 carries a 70th Navy Anniversary paint scheme with a white belly and two tone blue on the top and sides.
  • F-5N 761550 carries a PAK-FA paint scheme of black and light grey. It also features a replacement flap in brown and top tail fin.

So with all the colors on these airplanes and stencils for three aircraft this sheet is a bargain. Thoroughly researched by Furball and printed with excellence by Cartograf makes this a winning decal sheet. If you have the AFV Club or Trumpeter kits this sheet will be invaluable for making it a winner.

Highly recommended

Thank to Furball Aero-Design and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain yours by contacting them at or at your local hobby shop or online retailer.


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