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November 25, 2011
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Airscale is a British company producing fine quality aircraft instrument decals, and this is one of those. Unfortunately, I am no expert on instrumentation; can't really tell a tachometer from an altimeter.

Airscale provides a very detailed callout of each instrument dial on its instruction sheet and a locating number to show which dial it is. Very helpful. There are 44 different decals, each with its own number. The bad side is there is only one dial of each per sheet. Many of these are very small and the only way to see them is with magnification. The instruction sheet provides detailed instructions on how to apply them, and tips on their use.

The decals are printed with a lot of excess film surrounding them, so you will have to cut each one out very carefully or use a punch set (which I haven't seemed to master yet). They go down easily and set using any standard decal setting solution. I tried Microset and Solvaset and both worked with no problems.

You are also supplied with a clear plastic sheet to use as dial covers. I found a drop of Future or Alclad’s Aqua Gloss Clear to work just fine.

I would recommend these but only to those who would be familiar with working with small decals. They will enhance an instrument panel with their fine quality.

Many thanks to IPMS/USA for providing the sample for our review and a special thank you to Airscale for giving us the opportunity to review them.


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