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Recommended Kit: Hasegawa, Kinetic or Revell F-18C
Company: Squadron - Website: Visit Site
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Squadron is back and in a big way. In this review, we’ll cover the four new decals listed below:

First, the basics for all the decals, they are in perfect register, colorful and all come with the needed profiles and instructions to make one of the two jets in the set. All decals are printed by Microscale which is great news also as they have a history of great decals. Each set contains the decal sheet and a full color instruction sheet including notes and paint call outs. You’ll see below that all but one plane in the sets is for F-18C but set 48004 does include one F-18E from VX-9 Vampires.

The sets and planes on each sheet is listed below:

  • SQD48001
    • F-18C BuNo 165176 VFA-37 Ragin’ Bull, USS Truman 20088
    • F-18C BuNo 163444 VFA-97 Warhawks, MCAS Iwakuni Japan, 2008
  • SQD48003
    • F-18C BuNo 164029 VFA-192 Golden Dragons, USS Washington 2009
    • F-18C BuNo 164265 VMFA-122 Werewolves, MCAS Beaufort 2009
  • SQD004
    • F-18C BuNo 165403 VFA-34 Blue Blasters, USS Carl Vinson 2018 Legacy Cruise
    • F-18E BuNo 166957 VX-9 Vampires, Capt J. Hilliker, 2013
  • SQD48005
    • Stencil Sheet for F-18C’s

If you wanted to build more tan one set of markings on a sheet, SQD48005 is perfect and includes wing walks, tail markings and all the little stencils.

So the real question I hear with decals is how did they work, In a moment of insanity, I decided with build BuNo 165403 from the Blue Blasters and the USS Carl Vinson and add them to the Hasegawa kit. I will spare you the details of the Hasegawa kit as it is older and difficult but turns out looking like and F-18C.

I am pleased to say that the decals, both large and small added easily to the kit using the MicroSol/MicroSet system and settled nicely in the panel lines and around curved surfaces. Some of the larger ones need a little Solvaset and encouragement but very little. In the end, these produced another F-18 for my Carl Vinson Collection.

Definitely recommended for those that want some very colorful markings. My thanks to Squadron for the opportunity to review these decals and welcome back!


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