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From the pages of Marvel Comics to the arenas and stadiums of North America, the Incredible Hulk has certainly made a brutish and unruly impression upon the imaginations of youngsters and adults for generations. It is also the subject of Round2’s recent release under the AMT brand of this popular monster truck with an equally-popular monster/superhero theme.

Another installment in the AMT brand’s popular Snap-It series, this green monster of a truck is molded in green, purple, and chrome-plated plastic with black vinyl tires, and includes peel-and-stick decals. No clear parts are provided.

Build is quick and easy, as 7-year old Camden slammed this thing out in no time – even before Dad could get pics of the box contents! Instructions are clear and easy to follow, and snap features are fairly well engineered, requiring minimal parental assistance to squeeze some of the more trying fits.

Camden chose to build straight from the box without any paint or additional finishing, but the kit does lend itself well to painting as depicted on the box cover.

This kit is a great way to introduce kids to the fun of modeling, and is highly recommended to anyone looking for something easy, colorful, and fun to use as an introduction to the hobby.

Many thanks to Round2 for the sample kit and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it!


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