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January 4, 2017
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A generous thank you goes to Aires Hobby Models/Quickboost for this review item.

The German Heinkel He111 civil prototype was demonstrated publicly in 1936. By the end of 1936 the bomber version, He111B, was entering service with the Luftwaffe. There were dozens of He111 variants developed over its 10 years of service making it a popular aircraft in the modeling world.

Quickboost has released a nice set of resin exhausts for the Airfix Heinkel He111P-2. The delicate parts come in a clear re-sealable plastic bag packaged with a small card insert showing a photographic image of the parts, part number, name of the parts and the recommended kit, Airfix. What is not included in the bag is a set of instructions. This is not a problem as the resin parts fit the exhaust locations the same as the kit parts.

The two sets of exhaust pipes all come on the same pour block. There are no imperfections such as small pin holes or voids. I suggest the parts be gently washed while still on the block. Removal of the parts from the block is easy enough. However, as with all small, delicate resin parts, be very careful removing them.

I have included a couple of comparative photographs to show the delicate details that are not molded on the kit parts. On the resin parts, you’ll notice the exhaust “holes” in the resin pipes. Obvious, too, is the cleanliness of the cast parts compared to the molded kit parts. There are no seam lines or other cleanup work required on the Quickboost set. I’ve also included a picture of the kit exhaust placed in the engine nacelle compared to the Quickboost exhaust in place. It’s easy to see how much better the resin set looks than the kit set.

This Quickboost product is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to enhance the looks of your Airfix He111P-2 bomber. For these reasons, I highly recommended this item for consideration when you build your He111P-2.

Again, thanks to Aires Hobby Models for supplying this product for review and IPMS/USA for giving me the opportunity to review it.


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