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March 14, 2013
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Base Kit
Revell 1/32 He-219 Uhu
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Eduard continues to produce their prolific, super-detailed PE sets for upgrading already good kits into great kits; thanks to Jan Zdiarsky at Eduard for providing IPMS/USA these three sets. Your support of our organization is more than appreciated…and thanks to Dick and Steve at IPMS/USA for passing these on to me to review!

I started with the seat belts; having painted all the basic cockpit items and assembled the seats to a point where they were ready to install, I pressed on. These seat belts are the ultimate in detail – fabric stitching is petite, the buckles and retaining mounts are easy to use, and if you follow the instructions you will have a realistic set of seat belts and shoulder harnesses to install on your model. You must be careful with the belt adjustment sliding buckles because you can misalign them, but take your time and you will be fine. I superglued the items into place after a test install (to bend them to fit the seats). Then I set them aside to…

… install the cockpit details! The side consoles, instrument panels, and radio rack faces are etched in 3D relief, and fit perfectly into place. The instructions clearly show what must be removed (and you will have to, or the PE will not fit). The pressure-sensitive adhesive worked very well on the multiple layer instrument panel and the radio faces. Included is a replacement pop-up armor plate and gunsight for the pilot; good idea for a night fighter! The side panels are realistic and almost legible. Magnificent!

The wheel wells. This set is really a decent upgrade; the kit has large, cavernous indentations with the wing attachment points. This set is really vital to the Revell build; the interior wrap additions between the ribs make all the difference in the world – no caverns where the wings are attached! Additional details in the form of cover plates with rivet detail, fold-up gearboxes, and rib plates add a stunning amount of visual impact; this set alone is worth the price of the whole thing. Included are brake lines to use on the landing gear; I have not gone down that path, having made the proverbial “sows ear” of the PE lines when I tried to use them, but for those of a delicate, surgeon-like temper, these lines add the final touch.

I can’t rave enough about these three sets; they all bring the basic Revell kit up to higher levels. I used SAC gear and EagleCals (in another review) to finish… contest quality is here for the layperson like me!

Thanks again to Eduard for producing and providing us these magnificent sets; look at the pictures and decide for yourself!


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