F-5, T-38 Ejection Seat

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September 25, 2021
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Product / Stock #
S 72017
Base Kit
Any 1/72 F-5 or T-38
Company: Pavla Models
Pavla F-5/T-38 seat

Pavla models has added an ejection seat to their 1/72 aircraft accessory line. This one is for the F-5, T-38. Pavla Models doesn’t specify a kit for this seat, but it will have to be a kit that has a cockpit in it. I picked the Italeri F-5A freedom fighter, kit # 1231.

This offering is a quality piece of resin; smooth, seamless and bubble free. The detail is also very nice and doesn’t need any extra work to bring out the detail. All that I needed to do to make it fit the kits cockpit was to just remove the molding block and paint it. A drop of super glue and it was installed.

When it is compared to the kit’s seat, you can see how superior it is. The kit seat is molded in two parts and there is a seam that runs right down the middle of the seat back. The seatbelts for the kit ejection seat is a decal. The Pavla ejection seat is one piece and the seat belts are molded onto the seat, making them pop out. I was really pleased with the end result.

I highly recommend this product if you want a really superior looking model. It was easy to install, and didn’t need any additional work to make it fit. Thanks to Pavla models and IPMS USA for the chance to do this review.


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