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December 31, 2015
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Marek Rys
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Hardcover, 160 pages, 8.5x12, B&W photographs, color images, 1/72nd scale plans for all versions from Mk.1 to Mk. IV

Authored by Marek Rys and illustrated by Thierry Vallet, this book, in the “Yellow” series is a comprehensive text and photographic/image guide to the Hawker Hurricane. The publication is a a revised and expanded edition of the book, “Hawker Hurricane”, (ISBN # 8389450321)

The book thoroughly covers the development and technical aspects of the Hurricane, one of the most well-known of the British fighters of World War II. This story is told in excellent text accompanied by period B&W photographs, excellent color images of surviving airframes, extracts from official manuals and a superb collection of 1/72nd scale plans of all versions of the Hurricane from the Mk.1 of 1936 to the Mk. IV of 1943.

Of particular interest to the hobbyist is the excellent color artwork which depicts many of the camouflage schemes and markings found on Hurricanes that served in many theatres of operation. Also,the chapters labeled as “In Detail” feature excellent detailed, color images of the fuselage, canopy, cockpit, wing, engine, tail, undercarriage, and armament of the Hurricane. This section of the book will provide color data and “parts” detail which will serve the modeler well.

A video featuring the book is available for online viewing on YouTube at You can view each page in the book in this video and you will just how rich this book is in detail, reference material, and imagery.

Other aircraft featured in the Yellow series are the Dauntless, Ju-87, Yak-23, Bf-109G, Bf-109E, A6M Zero, Gladiator, Me-262 and many others.

This book is highly recommended due to the detailed text, excellent and multitudinous color images, collection of historic B&W photographs and the superbly detailed 1/72nd illustrations. This book is truly “all things Hurricane”!

Thanks to Mushroom Model Publications for the opportunity to review this excellent book!


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