Glowing Ghost of the Red Baron

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Atlantis Models gets credit for another Tom Daniel classic save by resurrecting the Glowing Ghost of the Red Baron kit Atlantis M6742-Model Kit. At 1:4 scale it’s easy to work with and It’s a great kit for beginners too.

Attesting to its popularity the kit’s been re-released a few times in various versions as well as, but this fresh new 2023 offering by Atlantis Models is the first reissue in decades.

Originally released as kit #PC220 in 1969, and according to Tom, “I thought we could do something fun with the chrome helmet again (at the time) and sketched out this skeleton "ghost" design on a place mat at a Mexican restaurant.”

Also included is a beautiful new waterslide decal sheet featuring the Iron Cross markings from WWI and a rubber band to activate the “bobble bone” and invoke the jittering eyeballs.

The original, “far out” instructions now printed in red and black, detail the 10,740 steps required for construction.

As the story goes... after that mad designer, Tom Daniel dreamed up the Red Baron Show Rod, he began having midnight visits from the angry Baron's spirit. He seized the Baron's ghostly spirit and schemed to transform it into a ghastly image that everyone could view”! And if you believe that you’re just a kid at heart too.

Made in the USA This time it comes molded in eight pieces of ghastly glow-in-the-dark plastic and brilliant red chrome-plated parts. All I can say is – it’s pure fun and even better than the first time! Al little blackwash detailing is all that’s needed to recreate this crazy figure!

When you’re done, it will be the first thing that catches your eye on the shelf! The final dimensions are approximately H-7¼” X 4¼” square.


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