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Company: Master Box Ltd - Website: Visit Site
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The Master Box Company just keeps turning out these very unique kits made exclusively for building dioramas and/or vignettes. They come out with the most peculiar subjects that will add that finishing touch to a diorama or base a diorama around one of these kits and then you realize how we ever got along without these kits. This time they have come out with the Eastern Region Peasants in the WWII era. When I opened the box I wasn't surprised at the great detail and preciseness of their clothes, facial expressions and other small items which adds to the realism but, in fact, I knew that these figures and such would be held to their high standards as always. The kit includes five figures depicting a family of peasants speaking to the youngest child. And as far as the price is concerned, the value can't be beat.

I have assembled and painted the small boy with hardly any seams or gaps to speak of. Other than a few licks with a sanding stick here and there, it went together beautifully. The only place that had a "problem" (if that's what one could call it) was around where the top of the arm met with the shoulder. A small drop of Zap-A-Gap to fill the small space, some drying time, and sanding to round out the shoulder area and it was ready for painting. After some paint, a wash, and shadowing, it was time to move on to the next figure. These characters would do so well with any diorama depicting any Eastern region village.

I would recommend this to any modeler interested in dioramas or vignettes, beginners or otherwise. You can see all their kits at www.mbltd.info.

I would like to thank Master Box Ltd. for their sample and IPMS/USA for letting me review this kit.


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