German Luftwaffe Pilot and Operator with Ejection Seats for Panavia Tornado IDS/ECR

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Aerobonus continues to release pilot figures to staff planes in 1/48th and 1/32nd scale with the pilots seated in the appropriate seats. This latest release features two German Luftwaffe pilots for the Revell 1/32nd scale IDS Tornado. The hand position is different on the two figures with one in pilot stance and the second in a different stance. Molding is superb with no bubbles or casting issues.

I started washing the parts and then cutting the seat/body, arms, and head free of the casting block. A little scraping and sanding and I assembled the parts. To smooth out the seams on the arms, I used perfect Plastic putty and wiped with water and let dry. I then primed with Alclad. I included a copy of the painting instructions which are very non-specific as far as colors, so I did some digging and found colors that match. The paints used were acrylics with washes and small amounts of dry brushing. I did not do much detailing on the seat as it is very well done. It does need some markings added and additional color, but I did not want to take away from the figure for the review.

This is another great set – well made, easy to assemble and getting right to painting. It is MUCH better than any injection molded pilot so if you want a Tornado in flight, you need this set. Recommended.

My thanks to Aires and Aerobonus for the chance to review this set.


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Hello, I am wondering the names of pilots who flew the tornado ECR?

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