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February 13, 2015
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Revell’s 1/72nd F-89D/J came out in the early 90’s and is a great kit. There are really only two shortfalls of the kit; the first being the lackluster cockpit and the second being the multi-part exhaust. Pavla has recently released resin detail parts for the cockpit and the exhaust.

The resin cockpit comes with twelve resin parts and two vac-formed parts. The vac-formed parts include the windscreen, canopy, and the rear blast screen. The blast screen is something that the Revell kit did not include. Overall, the resin parts are far superior to the kit parts. There was quite a bit of flash on the seats, which requires some careful trimming with a hobby knife. The cockpit set includes two rear instrument panels, one for the F-89D and one for the F-89J. The instructions call the F-89J instrument panel an “F-89C” instrument panel. Don’t let that fool you, as it is indeed an F-89J instrument panel.

For the most part, this cockpit is a simple drop-in replacement for the Revell parts. The instructions have you glue parts R5 and R6 (upper cockpit parts) to the cockpit tub. However, if you do this, you create a nasty gap between the cockpit tub and the cockpit lip of the fuselage. I recommend gluing parts R5 and R6 to the Revell fuselage halves (as pictured).

Another area of concern is the vac-formed canopy. The canopy is much taller than the windscreen. If you plan to model your F-89 with the canopy open, then this is no big deal. However, if you like your canopies in the closed position, then you may be better off with the Revell parts.

This is a great addition to the Revell F-89. Whether you are modeling an F-89D or F-89J, the Pavla cockpit is a must have. Thanks to Pavla for providing the review sample and to IMPS/USA for allowing me to review it.


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