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January 24, 2016
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Thanks to Piotr at Master models for providing these incredible static dischargers to improve our models, and thanks to IPMS Reviewer Corps leaders for sending it to me…

What is in the packet: an instruction sheet, and 14 very-tiny, jewelry-quality Static dischargers used on most F-16’s.

Static dischargers are frequently molded on our models. And we modelers, being who we are, frequently break them off during construction. I personally remove them and install replacements or the kit items at the end of the build. Sometimes I won’t even bother; they are just fragile or are just way out of scale. Here is where Master’s turned metal items shine…

As on my recently-reviewed Sukhoi 1/48 dischargers, these little 1/32 jewels for the F-16 are great. They have the proper 3-diameter steps machined for you. Again, Piotr, this is excellent machine work!

The master instructions have you install the dischargers on the control surface, after cutting a recess in the surface. The Tamiya kit has proper discharger mounts which fit into the kit parts, with a hole in the end it to insert a wire section (Provided in the kit).

Use the mounts by installing with plastic cement, followed by the master dischargers in place of the kit wire. MUCH better looking!

First, isolate and remove one discharger on a white card. I usually cut a slit in the package to prevent them all from escaping, then tape the package closed. Next, wet a finger, touch to the discharger, lift off the card (because if you try to tweeze off the card, it can fly away), then carefully grasp with fine nose tweezers. Touch the base of the discharger to superglue, then the discharger mount, hold for a minute, then carefully release.

Use a #11 blade to tease the part into correct position, then mist with accelerator.

Final result: VERY scale looking dischargers. Disadvantage: They are little needles when installed. BE CAREFUL! I really recommend you wait until the model is complete before installation…

Full marks once again to Master Model for an excellent product; thanks again for providing this item to IPMS USA!


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