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May 9, 2019
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Background Information

Fightertown decals is an online retailer offering decals for the various series of F-14 Tomcats and F-18 Super Hornets. Currently, the offerings are limited to 1/48th scale aircraft and data markings. Each decal sheet includes marking for several aircraft.

Decal Sheet Contents

The decal sheet is big: 8 5/8" by 11 1/2" size. A smaller decal sheet is also included that provides additional windscreen tinting decals, plus smaller items that are somewhat of a mystery to me at this point.

This set of decals includes an interior or exterior green film tint for the windscreen, placards for the landing gear struts, placards for the canopy interior, decals that represent piping and conduit fasteners for inside the gear bays, various fuel filler caps, rivet fasteners for general detailing, placards for the ejection seats, formation lights with and without stripes (stripes are for night vision goggles), missile rail markings crew step non-skid markings, gear door placards, non-skid decals for the cockpit floor, circuit breaker decals, weapons (bombs and missiles) stripes and stencils, plus pod markings. And this may not even scratch the surface on what other markings are included.

The weapons for which markings are included are the GBU-10, GBU-12, GBU-24, GBU-31. GBU-38, Mk-82, Mk-84, AIM 54C Phoenix, GNU-16, AIM-7M/P Sparrow, CATM-7 Sparrow, AIR-9L/M/P Sidewinder, CATM-9M Sidewinder, and LANTIRN pods.Some of the stripes for the bombs may require trimming to fit the weapons. This instruction sheet will be a welcome reference as a guide for US military weapons markings.

In addition, included are colors call-outs for the various FS colors used on the aircraft and weapons

The individual decals are really tightly packed onto the backer sheet, and therefore some careful cutting will be required when removing. The clear carrier film on each decal appears to be right up to the printed areas. This will be appreciated by the modeler. What more could a Tomcat fan ask for?.


The instructions are included on a two-sided, full-color sheet that includes plans and profiles of the aircraft, weapons and miscellaneous details locating the markings. Very impressive and a great reference.


I am a big fan of adding stencils to my builds. The like he added detail these markings add to a model. This product is an absolutely fabulous accessory set of markings and a welcome addition to the decal market as most model kits do not include the various stencils and weapons markings normally found on modern aircraft. This set will fill the gap. Highly recommended for any modeler wishing to really enhance any Tomcat model. The only downside to this set is a modeler will need to build a lot of models to use up all the markings!

I wish to thank Fightertown Decals and IPMS USA for the opportunity to review this set of decals.


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