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April 21, 2019
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Caracal Models is one of the leaders in aviation decals offered in 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scale with many unique subjects never offered before now. The KC-10 is not a new subject, however it has been a long time since this subject has been available. With that being noted, older decals may not be reliable and the quality of printing is also in question.

Printed by Cartograph, the single sheet is printed perfectly with the small markings are very fine and easy to read. Markings included from unit markings at March, Travis, Barksdale, McGuire and Seymour-Johnson. With these six different markings, there are three different color schemes with a clear guide on the time frame the color applies to. There are instructions consist of eight color sheets that clearly show placement of markings for the six subjects. The instructions indicate the correct FS paint colors for each aircraft and easy to distinguish where each color is applied. There is a note on a suggested FS blue color which is the one used on the decal sheet so those two will match.

All the markings from specific units, blue “sash” on the original white/gray scheme, belly markings, refueling door, crew door outlines, and cockpit windows are faithfully represented. One area that I did not see, and not all aircraft have, are the unit markings found on the lower side of the flying boom wing surface. On KC-135s the markings are on almost every photo I have seen but these markings are few and far between on the KC-10. If the markings are on the decal sheet, the instructions do not indicate them. Not a real issue but just an observation on the unit markings on the flying boom.

The hardest part will be locating a Revell kit since they are no longer in production. I would like to thank Caracal Models for this review sample.


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