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February 3, 2022
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Revell Typhoon
Company: PJ Production - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: PJ Production - Website: Visit Site

Many of the US fighter pilot figures are depicting older style safety equipment like helmets and oxygen masks. PJ production released a nice version of current Eurofighter “Typhoon” pilots with latest helmet. The new helmet has LED sensors on top of the helmet for head tracking. The helmet also allows a pilot to see below (or through) the airplane to target aircraft below their aircraft.

The product contains a two pilot figures cast in two pieces, complete figure with left hand on the leg and separate right arm. Both pilots appear to be identical. There is a minimal amount of “flash” on the parts, but they are easily cleaned off. One thing to note is small bumps on top of the helmet which are barely visible, these are not a casting flaw. These “bumps” are on the real helmet (LED sensors for head tracking). As with most figures, there may be places that need to be altered. When test fitting, they fit perfectly in the Revell Typhoon cockpit. I test fitted only the front cockpit, but I expect the same excellent fit on the rear cockpit.

This looks like a great product and will give you the latest generation helmet for Typhoon pilots.

Thanks to PJ Production for this very nice sample.


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