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Eurofighter Pilot Figure

PJ Productions continues to issue excellent pilots for kits with this latest release, a 1/32nd scale Eurofighter pilot. The kit is simple with three well cast parts- two arms and the body. I removed all three parts with a razor saw and washed the parts in case of mold release. I glued the arms into position and filled the seams with glazing putty and let it dry. The few seams were sanded, and a couple of small pinholes were filled. These were wiped with a Q-tip and lacquer thinner and smooth seams were accomplished.

Painting was straightforward and done with acrylics. The helmet was white, visor black and face mask dark gray with its attached hose. The main uniform was green with washes and dry brushed and black for the shoes and gray for the gloves.

This is another excellent kit from PJ Productions- simple to build and true to the flight outfit worn by Eurofighter pilots. Highly recommended.

My thanks to IPMS/USA and PJ Productions for the opportunity to build and paint this pilot.


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