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January 13, 2017
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32-011, 32-012
Base Kit
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NOTE: 32-012 MSRP is $11.00

When I received these decals, I had the greatest of intentions to do a review of the decals actually applied to my finished Trumpeter A-4E. Best laid plans are often exactly that, and I have to apologize for this not being that type of review. My poor A-4E is still sitting on the side of my work area crying to be finished. Life and time often get in the way of our modeling dreams and goals.

These decals, printed by Cartograf, are some of the finest I have ever seen and you actually get a bonus in having AOA decals 32-012, Skyhawk Airframe stencils, included with the purchase.

The airframe decals consists of two sheets. One includes all of the unit markings and fin flashes and rudder markings, and the second sheet contains all of the aircraft numbers, ship names and Navy and Marine markings. There are markings for a total of nine aircraft and are intended for the Trumpeter 1/32nd scale A-4E and F kits. Sadly, there is not a short history of any of the aircraft contained on the sheets.

Aircraft that can be represented are NL-510 of the VA-155 Silver Foxes on board the USS Coral Sea1 964-1965, NE-405 on the USS Ranger 1968-1969 and NE-410. Also on the Ranger during the same time period. NL-510 is an A-4E and the other two are A-4F’s.

Four aircraft of VAM-311 Tomcats, all based out of Chu Lai, are provided. WL-15, 1968, WL-4, 1968, WL-15, 1970, and WL-7 from 1966. A not is included that WL-4 was lost November 1968. All four aircraft are A-4E’s.

Lastly, two A-4E’s of VA-144 Roadrunners are provided. NH-304, an A-4E, was assigned to the USS Kittyhawk 1967-1968 and NF-505 was aboard the Bon Homme Richard in 1969.

With each one of the aircraft profiles, you get very detailed explanations and illustrations concerning markings on that particular aircraft that are unique or out of the norm for A-4’s. There is minimal film on the edges of the decals and the register is perfect. Colors are rich and are correct Also included in the instructs are notes on the sequence of decal application and some suggestions concerning aircraft repairs and wear and tear. Also, a detailed description of modifications that can be made to the Trumpeter to make it more accurate.

The airframe stencils can be purchased separately and only enough stencils are provided for one aircraft. However, all of the variants of “Rescue” and “Danger” stencils are provided. As with sheet 32-011, extensive notes are provided on the positioning and alignment of the stencils, as well as some possible exceptions of application. As with 32-011, this sheet is crisp and perfectly in register.

These are great decals, and even though they look a little on the thick side, they lay down extremely well with any of the popular decal setting solutions.

My thanks to AOA Decals and IPMS/USA for the review samples.


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