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This is one in a series of architectural models that Italeri is producing. Kudos to them for doing some really different things in modeling, with their Leonardo Da Vinci line and now this architectural one.

No number of parts is given, but my guess is around 60 or so, most of those being the columns at the top. The parts are sharply molded in a light tan plastic with good detail. Included is a sheet of images of statues that are cut out and glued to the interior of the outer wall parts so that they show through the arches, which is a neat effect. You also get a few gladiators, a lion and what I think is a bear, but in 1/500 scale, they are pretty tiny and painting them is a challenge. You get a booklet about the colosseum with its history in Italian and English and the instructions are in this booklet. The history is pretty extensive and makes the model more interesting.


You need to follow the order of assembly on this one to get it together correctly as some parts have to be in place before others can be added. All fit together well with the exception of the columns at the top of the building. I needed to drill out the locator holes just a little to get them to fit easily without forcing anything. Also, be careful of the many, (read dozens) of masts at the top of the exterior wall parts as they are fragile.

Painting can be simple or more involved. I chose to leave it in the color it came and just gave it a wash to add some depth and interest. The red wall sections on the interior would be tedious to mask, so since this was just for a review I did them freehand (it shows). Some brass on the escutcheons on the exterior walls and then all those masts need to be painted brown, which was the single most time consuming task of the whole build.


When finished, this is a pretty impressive model with a diameter across its waist of just over a foot. With care and taking time, it would be really impressive, but even done on the fly as mine was, it could make a great shelf model or in a case at an Italian restaurant.

Thanks to Italeri for supplying the example and to IPMS for the chance to review it.


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