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June 16, 2022
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Richard Marmo
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Thank you Bill & Phil for all you do for the Reviewers!

About the Author

Richard Marmo is a free-lance writer, professional model builder and founding member of the International Plastic Modelers Society USA (IPMS/USA #2). He has also spent decades researching his family’s genealogy. He has written three print books, several hundred articles & kit review columns, a growing list of ebooks and created several CD-ROM photo galleries with more in the works. Along the way, he has produced well over 1,000 models for clients ranging from Aerospace companies to private collectors. A self-described aircraft/science fiction nut...ahem, enthusiast...he will and has built just about anything you care to name, depending on his client’s requirements.

A native Southerner who was born in Memphis, Tennessee, he has spent most of his life in Texas (He got there as soon as he could.). He lives in Fort Worth with his wife, Nelda...who is an author in her own right... and more model kits than he’ll ever be able to build in this life


Per website: This publication by Richard Marmo describes the construction and painting of a humanoid lizard hybrid fantasy figure. Those who build fantasy figures of any kind will find the techniques described here to be of value in the completion of their own figure collection. The publication contains some 5,000 words and 13 color photographs.

It is available for immediate download from the website as a PDF file, but it is also offered in the following formats: .epub, .mobi and .pdf from Smashwords.

This is an interesting publication. Although I am not a fantasy figure modeler, I observed several globally useful elements to this book. Mr. Marmo begins by discussing the clean-up and assembly of the resin kit. He discusses trimming casting flash, smoothing parting lines and filling cavities . . . useful stuff to any resin figure model builder.

From there, Mr. Marmo describes his painting process, which is quite detailed. Not only does he describe his method and work flow, but he even provides the colors he used for this particular model kit.

When he addresses construction of the base, he describes how he added other products (Woodland Scenics) to enhance the base’s appearance. Again, this information is globally applicable and useful to modelers.

Overall, this is an interesting publication. The only improvement I could suggest would be link the Table of Contents headings to their corresponding pages. Although they are blue and underlined (usually indicating hyperlinks), the links did not function in either the Adobe PDF Viewer or in the web browser. I would encourage you to visit his website and check out his other offerings!

Thank you to Scale Publications for providing a copy of this book for review, and thank you to IPMS for the opportunity.


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