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Revell 1/48 B-1
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Roy Sutherland has been around for a bit, providing resin details we never knew could exist, but now do because of his commitment to improving basic products. This set is one of four that I used on the new (but old) Revell B-1B… they are in Roy’s “Barracudacast” resin accessories branch of his company. On to the review!

This set is comprised of nine antennas for the most recent upgrades to the B-1;

Preparation is simple; soak for a while in a cleaner like automotive spray tire cleaner (I used “bleach-white”), 409, or whatever, to get rid of the silicone mold lubricant that is inherent in resin casting. Run an old tooth brush over all, rinse fully with water, then allow to dry.

I removed the casting blocks with a razor saw, then cleaned up with a metal “T” sander bar to give a nice, flat surface for the DAS (Defensive Avionics Systems) antennas. The three items on the aft fuselage, two towed decoy pods, and one large DAS dome, required a different removal process.

First, do NOT use nippers to remove the pour stubs. The fairing around these items will be broken if you do. Guaranteed. Use a scalpel or new #11 blade, and carefully use several cuts to remove the pour stub. Then put some wet/dry facing out on the fuselage where these three items go, and match to the fuselage curvature.

The instructions have dimensions on where these items all go. You can use wire to replace the integral resin mounting plugs, and drill holes to accept all… it’s worth the effort to take your time here.

With the exception of the underside tub and towed decoys, all the other antennas were installed at the end of the build. This facilitated handling and painting before final finishing without breaking the antennas off.

The towed decoys have excellent details; the rest of the items are shaped perfectly and fit precisely to the model. Full marks to Roy for this set… remember to support our aftermarket producers!


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