Air Power And The Arab World 1909-1955, Volume 10; The First Arab-Israeli War Begins 15-31 May 1948

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David Nicolle and Air Vice Marshal Gabr Ali Gabr
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Paperback: 76 Pages, 8.3 x 11.7 in, 93 b/w photos, 17 color profiles, 5 b/w maps, 2 color maps, 2 diagrams, 4 tables
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Middle East@War #62
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The catchily-titled Air Power and the Arab World, 1909–1955 Volume 10 THE FIRST ARAB-ISRAELI WAR BEGINS 15-31 MAY 1948 continues the story of the men and machines of the first half-century of military aviation in the Arab world. This volume tells the story of the first two weeks of the first of the Arab-Israeli Wars in May 1948. While part of an ongoing series, this volume also stands alone as a history of the period covered.

The book focuses on day-to-day events on the ground, in the air and at sea during this hard-fought phase, belying its title, but it is all the more useful for that, as it puts Arab air power, such as it was, into the context of the overall war. In doing so, the authors have accessed previously unpublished Arab official military documents supplemented by translations from Arabic books and articles containing official and personal accounts by those involved. One such source is the Operational Diary of the Royal Egyptian Air Force’s Tactical Air Force based at al-Arish in north-eastern Sinai.

Air Power and the Arab World, 1909–1955 Volume 10, written by Dr David Nicolle, Air Vice Marshal Dr. Gabr Ali Gabr (EAF ret.), is illustrated by 93 b+w photos, mostly previously unpublished; 17 full colour profiles of various types used during the period, including some rarities such as the Egyptian Gloster Gladiator; a number of maps and 4 tables.

All-in-all, a useful source for the period covered. If Arab air forces are your thing, this can be recommended. My thanks to Casemate for the review sample.


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