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About ICM Paints

Water-based acrylic paints by ICM. Paints are prepared for brush, for airbrush dilute it with water or ICM Thinner. The range includes 77 base colors, but colors can be mixed with each other to easily achieve a desired shade. The paint is stable after drying. A wide assortment of paint sets are also available.

The Set

ICM acrylic paint set “Item 3031: Fire Trucks” contains six basic colors for use on most any type of fire truck. The front of the box has artwork of the AR-2 (43105) Special Fire Hose Truck. A small square of the six colors provided in the set appears in the lower right. The top has a photo of the six bottles. The rear of the box shows color callouts for an AR-2 (43105) Special Fire Hose Truck. Instructions for use are printed on the bottom of the box.

The instructions state that the paint is prepared for a brush, and recommends dilution with 40% to 60% water or thinner. It also recommends using a primer first and a retarder if the temperature is below 25o C (75 oF).


There are six colors in this set, white (1001), the requisite Deep Red (1007), Rubber Black (1039), Aluminum (1023), Middlestone (1060), and Clear Blue (1012). I found all the colors to brush quite well straight from the bottle. The paint is about the consistency of Testors liquid cement. Not too thick, not to thin. It levels well and brush strokes disappeared quickly while painting. I also found that the paint thins very well with both water and Tamiya acrylic thinner for use in an airbrush.

With the exception of the Clear Blue all the colors a nicely opaque. If you want to get the most brilliant colors for the red and white I suggest using a light primer (white or light gray). I had some small areas on my AR-2 model that were primed in black and the red never did come up to the same level of intensity as the lighter areas. The rubber black is the most realistic version of this color I have seen. It is dead flat and the proper dark blackish gray. When painted on the mud flaps of my AR-2 it really does look like rubber. Likewise the aluminum has just the right amount of shine to it.

The one odd color in this set is Middlestone. The AR-2 instructions call out all the colors in this set except Middlestone. It is unclear if this color is for use with other fire trucks or perhaps as a weathering color.

Final Thoughts

These paints will be a good addition to anyone looking to paint a fire truck or any other red or white vehicle. They cover well both when brushed and airbrushed. Thinning and clean up are easily accomplished with tap water. My only negative is that it would be nice to have a clear red or clear orange substituted for the Middlestone, as that is a more common color for use when painting fire trucks.

I would like to thank ICM for providing these paints for review, and IPMS USA for giving me the opportunity to use them.


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