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Opel Blitz Radio Truck

Published: June 3, 2021
Company: Italeri


This appears to be a re-issue of an older kit. While the level of detail is okay, the details themselves are a bit soft. The parts layout and build sequence is simple and straight forward. Anyone with a kit or two experience should not have any troubles with the few issues I encountered.


The Opel Blitz was the "working mule" of the Wehrmacht… more

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Rommel’s Mammoth DAK AEC Armored Command Vehicle

Published: March 14, 2021
Company: AFV Club


Following the release of the AEC Armoured Command Vehicle Dorchester ACV, AFV Club has “converted” the model to those captured by the German’s in North Africa in 1941. My guess is this is essentially the same kit, but with the addition of resin German radios and different decals. This thought is supported by the fact that the sprue for the exterior tools also has British… more