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Company: Tiger Werke - Website: Visit Site
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Tiger Werke Resin’s latest entry making modelers life easier is the “Glu-Budy”. As with almost all their products, the Glu-Budy is cast in a light gray, urethane resin and requires neither assembly nor painting. [However, you do have to take it out of the box. :)]

This lightweight resin glue/paint holder will help eliminate that dreaded problem of the errant tipping of your modeling supplies. The “Glu-Budy is sized for square bottled modeling supplies (glue, panel line accent colors, decal solutions, etc.) from various providers (Tamiya, Mr. Hobby, etc.) This item has one square orifice and another round one sized for 10ml paints or other finishing supplies (Testor's, AK Interactive, etc.)

Tiger Werke Resin also has another Glu-Budy (#35227) that features two square receptacles should one prefer. Anyone (that would be all of us) who has ever tipped over a bottle of glue or paint can appreciate the utility of either Glu-Budy. You may want several....

My thanks to Tiger Werke Resin and IPMS/USA for the review copy.


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