500 lb. AN-M64A1 Bomb

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March 28, 2020
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Brengun is known as a supplier of high-quality detail parts for aircraft, as well as other subjects. Once assembled and painted the bomb provides a very nice addition to an aircraft model.

Package Contents

  • Eight resin bomb bodies
  • One sheet of photoetch
  • One instruction sheet


The sheet contains one page showing how the parts are assembled on the bomb (fins, fuse arming fan and bomb rack attachments).


As you can imagine the parts for this bomb are very tiny. The fins once cut from the PE sheets mount with a butt joint on the aft end of the bomb. The fuse and bomb rack attachments are extremely small, so it is advised as you remove the parts from the PE sheet you cut them while the PE sheet laying on a piece of double backed tape.

All parts were attached with C/A.

I started out by laying the PE sheet on a strip of tape that I had rubbed on the back of my hand and removed a couple of times to reduce the stickiness of the tape. The parts are so small that I was afraid of the parts flying off into infinity when they were cut from the PE sheet.

I sharpened a toothpick and used it to apply thick C/A to attach the parts. Given how small the parts were, they did not require very much C/A to stick.

The butt joints of the bomb to attach the fins took a little resourcefulness to attach and get the fin straight in the vertical alignment. I put the bomb on a jig and mounted the first fin, rotating the bomb, so the fin was facing down on the bomb. Once the fin glue had dried, I rotated the bomb 180 degrees, so the first fin was on top of the bomb now and that allowed me to attach the second fin facing down. I used gravity to help keep the newly glued fin 90 degrees to the bomb on the vertical plane. I did the same for each of the next two fins keeping each one of them facing down when gluing to the bomb.


I started painting the bomb by first applying Mission Models Black Primer MMS-001 mixed 60% primer to 40% thinner and sprayed three coats. I didn’t think the bomb PE would be moved enough to be concerned that the paint may flake off by not using a lacquer primer.

Next after the primer had dried over night, I sprayed Mission Models US Army OD MMP-026 in three coats mixed with 60% paint and 40% Poly thinner mix.

Once the paint dried over night again, I covered the bomb with a coat of Mission Models Semi-Gloss MMA-005 mixed 30% Gloss to 70% thinner


Thank you to Brengun and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this accessory.


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