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August 26, 2015
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The Kit

This review covers the 1957 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon 1:25 Scale Model Kit #85-4193. A 2015 release, this model is a collection of past offerings with refreshed trees and some brand new tooling. It is a skill level 3 kit for the 12-year and older builder, molded in 156 pieces of white, clear, transparent red and chrome pieces with waterslide decals and instructions. As you can tell from the piece count it comes with quite a few options. Two complete versions can be built; either the police wagon or a stock version. Both use a highly detailed rendition of the 312 c.i.d. Thunderbird V-8. This kit includes a separate frame for enhanced detailing along with custom wheels and disc brakes. The completed dimensions are Length: 8”, Width: 3”, Height: 2-3/8”

Construction and Detailing

I elected to build the police version of this wagon for its “cool” factor and because the kit pieces were so nicely done in a period accurate manner.

I began the build with the 23-piece motor which is very clean and assembles nicely. The decals really set it off and I added a wired distributor for a more complete look. This kit even comes with separate fuel lines. Assemble the block and transmission halves, heads, timing and valley covers, and intake. Paint these and let it dry then add the rest of the engine pieces to complete the motor. Apply the decals to the valve covers.

For the police version the dash is black to match the body color and IP decals look great. Add the steering wheel, pedals and police band radio and set aside to dry. I painted the interior medium gray except for the flat black rear panel and firewall. On the firewall there are enough items to add some detail there like the heater core and master cylinder. Paint all the detail items then add the seats and back panel to the interior tub. Install the dashboard assembly and snap the side panels into place. NOTE – there are some nice seat insert decals that are green if you’re using an interior color that would compliment that. Add a little foil or silver marker detail to the “chrome” parts and the interior will look beautiful!

The wheels and tires are next. There are some decals to make wide whites but the police version tires are just plain black walls. I painted the rims black and assembled them with the axle pins on the inside, then slipped the tires into place and glued the wheel halves together. Scuff the tread and add the hub caps and decals there. I put a small amount of superglue on the ends of the axle pins and pushed them into place on the frame’s axles. You now have a rolling chassis to set aside till later.

For the two tone B&W police version spray the exterior with white and after it dries, tape off the door panel and roof. Spray the body, hood and headlight bezels with gloss black then peel the masking off the body after it has dried. Use some foil to highlight the trim and side body moldings. Add the decals to the exterior. I find a little decal setting solution helps position the decals and aids adhesion.

NOTE - POLICE PARTS: Assemble the red bubble and rotator and glue to the roof. Assemble the clear lens in the spotlight and attach it to the driver fender. The Red lens is for the siren and the siren is mounted on the front of the passenger fender. Use a marker to highlight the outer ring on the taillights then glue them into the rear taillight bezels.


Monogram assembled some great parts to put together the police version for this wagon. The trees were very clean with no noticeable flash. Parting lines were hard to find and sanded off with minimal effort. All the parts locate properly and fit together very well. The motor was well designed and appointed. The interior parts were crisp and accurately detailed. There are even some supercharger pieces left over for your parts box. The instructions are nice a clear and the subject matter is great. You are going to love this kit! With a little work this model might even evolve into a Ranchero. A big thanks to Revell/Monogram for issuing this version and the IPMS for letting me review it!


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