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June 18, 2016
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The Moebius website sums up this vehicle by noting,

The Special was a fastback version of the 1954 Hudson Hornet favored by stock class drag racers in the 1960's. Complete with the high performance 308 Hudson engine, this kit replicates this unusual car in 1/25 scale.

In its purely stock form this car was still a hallmark of speed and handling. By ’55 the innovation of Hudson would begin to yield to the corporate manufacturers sporting V-8 engines, but in 1954 the “Hornet” was still the one to beat!

Construction and Detailing

This review covers the skill level 3 (ages 15 years and older) 1954 Hudson Hornet Special 1:25 Scale Moebius Model Kit #1214. The reason this is a skill level 3 kit is because of the sheer amount of detail available and a realistic front suspension. Often it is because of the delicacy of decals but that is not the case here. It is just a great fitting kit with loads of detailing potential. I would say that an intermediate builder could easily assemble this into a nice display with some patience. The kit has 125 pieces and is nicely molded in white, and chrome plated parts with clear windows, soft vinyl tires and transparent red taillights. There’s virtually no flash on the pieces as it is a newer mold and it assembles easily following the excellent book style instructions. Factory paint codes are called out for authentic reproduction also. The finished dimensions are: Length: 8¼”, Width: 3”, Height: 2¼”.

Construction begins with the motor on this kit and at a whopping 28 pieces – it’s probably one of the most detailed straight six engines you’ll ever find. Additional decals make this engine a real standout. Nearly all the accessory pieces are separate add-ons. The transmission is molded onto the block but detailing is not a problem since they are painted the same red color anyway.

The one piece wheels snap into the tires securely and they even have the tire valves molded in. The chassis frame and pan are separate items allowing for shading to enhance the detail. The rear suspension parts are simple and easy to assemble but the front requires patience and some Superglue for strength prior to painting. Once constructed, the wheel backs are placed on the rear wheels and pressed onto the metal axle. The front wheels get kingpins and snap into the A-arms there. It’s all very realistic.

The interior consists of separate side panels, grab handles, seats, pedals, and the dash assembly. The seats have natural panel sections where they can be masked for tutone effects. The separate door panels are easy to detail with foil and paint making for a great looking interior. The decals for the dash assembly really look nice and foiling or painting the chrome trim really contrasts well to the rest of the interior.

Adding the firewall to the frame is straight-forward and the separate horns, motors, etc., add a finished look. Installing the motor is easy and adding the radiator and hoses really looks nice in the engine bay.

The body is well molded and detailed but the effects of sharing the molds with its sister kits appears in the form of slightly more defined parting lines. Fortunately, they are easily sanded and finished off. It’s a sleek body and will take kindly to polishing for a great finish. After you paint your body the window trim should be foiled or painted and then you can install the windows from the inside for a clean appearance. Adding the chrome pieces to the body along with the lights goes well and the fit is good.


This kit is well designed and shows only minimal die wear. The fit is spot-on and the instructions are the easiest to follow on the market today. With crisp mold lines the trim makes it easy to apply foil highlights and the sleek form of the body lends itself to a smooth contest finish. The additional detail provided from separate parts like interior panels and frame/chassis sections really make this kit a step ahead for contest quality work. Add some engine wiring and you will walk away with a trophy. I have to thank Moebius for marketing these great early subject car kits and to IPMS for letting me review it to share with you.


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